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In the madhouse of work world, I only recently saw the news. Chest sunk. My god. Historically, I’ve been really good at housing blind spots, often with regards to race. One time I got caught red-handed with a blind spot. Got real defensive, publicly. Sonya Renee Taylor, a friend, who was strong enough to not fucking crush me, said something I really want my friends and family to hear, “This is one of those places where taking it in, the parts you agree with and the parts you don’t, and just sitting in them, is essential to the dialogue. This is [a] place where you just listen. Not forever but certainly for now. The dialogue is happening all around you. You don’t need to conduct it. Sitting and listening even when you have tons to say, even when you just wanna say ‘see I am not the only one’ is uncomfortable but is an act of solidarity. It is relinquishing just a bit of privilege. You know what you see. It is what you don’t see, that is where the growth is.” @sonyareneetaylor, The Body Is Not An Apology