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Last year on a date with a man who’d been in prison for 15 years I asked how he coped with the hardest part. He told me there was a Hip Hop artist named Sage Francis he’d listened to the whole way. He asked if I’d ever heard of him… (biggest smile ever), “Have I ever heard of Sage Francis!?! Have you ever heard of Human the Death Dance?”

If you and I are new to each other, Human the Death Dance is a piece I wrote by memory at a 10-day Vipassana meditation course. It also ended up being the name of Sage’s next album as we we embarked on a 43-date national tour. The serendipity gone on by being in orbit with this man for the last 18 years has helped set in motion a ride I hope continues well into the next life.

It’s a story worth repeating to let you know Sage Francis is leading a month-long series of live writing sessions for Awful Good Writers. Don’t even think about missing this chance to learn from one of the sharpest lyricists I’ve ever known. Link in bio. @awfulgoodwriters @sagefrancissfr