August 28, 2009

Righteous Babe Records has given me a release date…

(and on this site, and their site, and the Write Bloody site,
and on tour, and Amazon, and iTunes and most everywhere else)
OCTOBER 13, 2009!!
Still smilin’ ear to ear and heart to head
since the moment I got the news.

I WILL HAVE COPIES FOR SALE ON TOUR starting September 14th.
And if you go to the merch page on this website to order one now,
ya might can get it even sooner than the show…
Feelin’ especially incredible about this CD effort,
Jon Berardi’s production and attention to detail/quality (again),
the crew at Righteous Babe, my gratitude for Ani,
for Matt Wignall (the generous cover artist and photographer),
and all the back-up musicians and power crowds who make this CD
so much more than a string of impacting poems.

Live at the Typer Cannon Grand is one big breadth of work
from the span of my time onstage over the last decade.
Safe to say I’m filled with fair amount of excitement, accomplishment and joy.

What I really wanna say is this:
At the zoo I saw a Violaceous Turaco. It’s a bird. The first note on
the informative plaque next to its cage read, “awkward while
airborne.” My middle name happens to be Violaceous Turaco.
This CD is my safe landing.
Floor It, Bigfoot
P.S. I am at Vipassana September 3-8 and absolutely unreachable unless you’ve got serious psychic skills. If you have any questions or butterscotch cookies for me, I will answer to them as soon as I’m able.