June 10, 2015

Nearly a month straight of cooking my own meals,
yoga, CrossFit, pool, sun, NBA Playoffs with Andrea,
watching the kids at the skate park,
seeing Evan Young give his graduation speech,
meditation, reading Cristin‘s New York Time’s best-seller (!!WHAT?!),
bike rides near the racing creek,
fun with the local improv acting crew,
writing again, recovering from 16 months touring,
catching up with friends, facing West.
life after survival
Departing Boulder tomorrow for Cali to do a show in Fresno
then be at a Vipassana center (www.dhamma.org) until July 5th.
Will be off the grid without phone or email,
so if you post or send a message and there’s no response… fair enough.
Boulder, I’m sweet on you, and I’m coming back for a second date,
tubing, batting cages and a guitar (so I can get the basics down for that
new CD we’re recording at Besiendershuis Nijmegen, 2016).