February 11, 2008

This is hands down the most important documentary/movie/wake-up call/kick in the pants
I’ve ever seen (yes, really, and stated confidently even on the tail end of that January 18th entry
lecturing myself about speaking in superlatives):


The math is impeccable.
The root of the problem
laid out like a body in the middle of a boxing ring.

Zeitgeist is to political and religious awareness
what Vipassana (www.dhamma.org) is to healing.

I would be deeply remiss if I didn’t spend at least one full work day
making sure everyone I know is presented with the choice to see this movie;
as well as stating for the record an open-ended commitment
to volunteering my shovel and elbow grease to help dig us out.

The words to explain how important this movie is are not coming easy.
I’m overwhelmed with the want to expose it like Christ.

Those I’ve spoken with who’ve seen it express a post-viewing hopelessness.
I feel quite the opposite having finally witnessed all the information in such perfect order.
So many loose ends in my heart, and from my general understanding (or lack thereof),
are finally met up seamlessly.

For Now,
Stop Diebold.