October 13, 2009

Hey Friends and Friends of Friends – The following is the announcement
I just sent out to my mailing list. I’d be thrilled to bits if y’all would pass
this on to your mailing lists. I feel like that may be a bit much to
ask seein’s how none of y’all have ever asked such a thing of me, but
I’m just so freakin’ pumped. Just puttin’ it as far out
there as I’m able. Here it is…

From Buddy Wakefield:
By the time most of you get this it will be October 13th, 2009, the
official release date of my new CD, LIVE AT THE TYPER CANNON GRAND,
released on Ani Di’Franco’s Righteous Babe Records. Available on
iTunes, buddywakefield.com, Amazon, Write Bloody Publishing, RBR…

I’ll be back in the van with Elephant Engine High Dive Revival in the mornin’
headed to University of Maryland, then Goucher, then flying down to
College Station before takin’ a break to do some proper promotion.
It’s outta my comfort zone to be such a salesman lately, but I sure believe
in this CD and wanna make the folks at Righteous Babe Records proud
for all their believin’ in meh.

If you’re a close friend or family member y’all know how much this one
means. Been a lifetime in the making to have finally arrived at such a
kickass fantastic point. My CD is posted on righteousbabe.com
sandwiched smack dab between Miss Ani DiFranco Treasurebelly and King
Utah Phillips. I wanna cause a Revival at Righteous Babe with a
turnout of support, if ya will. Mom, Lace, Straussa, Seth, Dogger,
Joe, Jon, Ben, D… y’all know the rules… Sell a case of CD’s each
(Christmas is comin’!) or else Bubba has to get the wet willy finger
greazed up, and the fire ants. You don’t want the fire ants again do
you? ‘Member the blisters? Hmm?

I sure wanna thank everybody who pre-ordered and the incredible show
of support on this tour so far. It’s easily shaping up to be the best
and most consistent tour of the last 10 years. Gosh, I’m excited…

Lemme reel it in and wrap it up by saying this:
– Many thanks to those who’ve showed up to celebrate with us.
– I’m excited to tour more this year and hope we get to cross paths
– Specifically to the close friends and family who know the whole
story and see the blessing and are riding the ride with me: My
Gratitude is aimed at you.


Floodlight Face
P.S. If you have your own mailing list, I’d be tickled to pieces if
you sent this message out to it. Many thanks.