November 3, 2013

You remember that time
we sat on top of the whole world
and told each other jokes about the ocean
until everybody crumbled
into tattoos
of bakeries?

Smelled good.
Felt right.
so much.
That night
was always lookin’ for a 4-leaf clover.

Nothing to do with luck.

Any revelation.
Any size.
If we thought it would help
we would tell it to you
like a drunk octopus
riled up and wasted on light

like this
can neither be created
nor destroyed.
That means we are all
exactly the same age
happening at exactly the same time.”

Well well welcome
to a room full of self-declared
“old souls”
in juvenile clothes.
Let’s blow the cake off our candles, y’all,
and the starving
off of the words
that are stuck to our throats.

Fresh home from touring with Ani DiFranco, Melissa Ferrick and Gregory Alan Isakov.
What a sweet sweet ride. To say the least.
Full steam ahead into making good things happen for
Riled Up and Wasted On Light – Buddy Wakefield’s 2014/15 World Tour (Skippng Chechnya)

All artwork for the tour by Javier Piñón.
If interested in throwing a show, pricing, availability, or have other questions
contact Danny Oliver at

Rest when you’re tired.

Warm regards from coldy pants Kingston, WA,