February 5, 2007

Hello from Vancouver B.C.

Hope y’all are all rested and fed and well.

I got a wild hair a few months back and followed through on submitting “Convenience Stores” to the International Songwriting Competition. Out of 15,000 entrants, it’s made it to the finals, now down to 14 in the performance category. The main shebang (with a kick ass grand prize) is being judged by Tom Waits, Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse), Jerry Lee Lewis, Robert Smith, Frank Black, Blue Man Group and a ridiculous list of other folks who’ll hear it.

There’s also one of those side “People’s Voice” awards where you can cast a vote so that I might win their popularity contest and score a big ol’ side prize. If you wanna help make that happen:


This link will take you to a page that’ll require yer email address as a way to make sure you only vote once a day. They’ll send an email from SonicBids to let you link directly. All the categories are mixed together and songs listed in alphabetical order.

No worries if you’ve got better things to do.
These voting things can get a bit numbing.

Rank You,
Arbitunity Worthshot