November 24, 2008

Well if it isn’t who it is…

Am headed off to Vipassana until December 7th.
Any merchandise orders will be sent out on the 8th.
Thanks for your patience if you’re waitin’ on meh.
Will get back to others when the time’s right.

Have been meaning to post this link for Fran Varian
(the inspirer of “Fran Varian’s Grandmother”)
who was challenged by an aggressive tick
and has – against her will –
been forced to step into the ring with Lyme’s Disease:
She’s not a wealthy woman and does not have proper coverage
and she sure could use some help.

Regarding the wicked effect The Children of the Corn
imposed on my childhood
(encouraged in large part by my stepsisters
growing up in front of the corn fields
[see “MORE ACCURATE BIO” at bottom of BIO page]):
It turns out that John Franklin,
who played Isaac in The Children of the Corn
is a fan…

This photo is from his wedding
standing with friend Gail Trotter who sent the picture
and told me of my place with Isaac
(Intended creepiness to keep me in check, noted):