February 24, 2008

Hi E’erybody.

Sure hope your day is runnin’ smoov and shapin’ up to be incredible for ya.

Pretty excited to let folks know that my book LIVE FOR A LIVING got put on the shelves at Borders Bookstores and is available for order anywhere now. It sure would help a whole lot if you lived in any of the following cities and picked up a copy at their Borders. While you’re at it, or if you live elsewhere, there’s no reason you shouldn’t order another (or 5)… it’s not like they’ll make ya buy’em when they come in…

Peabody MA
Atlanta GA
Providence RI
Tucson AZ
Eugene OR
Fairfax VA
Riverside CA
Rochester NY
Winston Salem NC
New York NY
Concord NH
Chicago IL
Atlanta GA
Houston TX
Lakewood NY (Walden)
Northridge CA
Sand City CA
Stony Brook NY
San Francisco CA
Brentwood MO
Tallahassee FL
Chapel Hill NC
Lubbock TX
Washington DC
Long Beach CA
Indianapolis IN
Newark DE
Santa Fe NM
Chicago IL
Bangor ME
Palo Alto CA
Nashville TN
Boston MA
Philadelphia PA
Madison WI
Boston MA
Hollywood CA
Tacoma WA (Walden)
San Rafael CA
San Diego CA
New York NY
Ann Arbor MI
South Portland ME
San Francisco CA
Tigard OR

Many Thanks to Derrick Brown, Write Bloody Publishing and Anthony Tedesco for helping to making this happen.

Top of the Charts,