January 10, 2011

Well well well…
if it isn’t who it is.

Here we go:
1) The national tour!
2) The new book!
3) What else, Peach?

1) The GENTLEMAN PRACTICE 2011 National Book Tour
Dates and details are being posted and updated daily on the tour page at buddywakefield.com. Here’s a direct link: buddywakefield.com/tour-info

If you see an open date near you and are in a position to make good things happen, there may still be a chance. Email buddy@buddywakefield.com.

Bellingham folk, take note of Thursday’s rescheduled WCC show.

2) Gentleman Practice – THE BOOK!
Having the actual book to sell on said national book tour is so … predictable. Let’s break paradigms, y’all. Who cares about some sweet new book? Right? Let’s just have a good time without all the tree killin’ …

It’s my first book since 2007 and, well, it was pretty much done …

The night before turning in the last round of edits, my two-month-old Mac Book Pro crashed in the airport. That was December 28th. Today I got word from the best data recovery folks in the country saying that there’s no chance of recovering the hard drive.

The good news is that it was only a week or two’s worth of all-nighters, not the whole kebab. The other good news is that I get to go back to the writing table for a week or two (maybe a little longer since I’m working from the road), then we’ll let the proofers proof it and the printers press it.

The other other good news is that I’ve set up a pre-order situation on the merchandise page of buddywakefield.com and at the live shows, and will ensure it is mailed out to you the moment those books are in our hands. I’m quite looking forward to that moment. Really. Very much so.

I can offer no definitive release date, but I suspect it will be in February.

I’ll no doubt be performing work from the new book on tour.

Also, Write Bloody Publishing plants a tree for every single book I sell. No kidding. That’s good news.

3) What else, Peach?
There is something called pseudo-morphing. It is performed by a specific kind of cephalopod who discharges an ink replica of himself to divert the uninvited. Works like a champ.

Chin up. Best foot forward. Stick your landings.

On the Road Again,