May 27, 2008

Shooting off warm far-reachin’ hugs from a hotel in Dayton, Ohio

out of condolence and celebration for the family, friends and life of Utah Phillips
who passed at 11:30pm on May 23rd from “congestive heart failure”.

Mike McGee called yesterday on my way through the airport in St. Louis
to remind me of the time we played a collaboration with a bunch of fun musicians
at Vancouver Folk Music Festival. We invited Utah to come out during our set and
tell the crowd a story. He did. Mike and I laid on our bellies
with our chins restin’ in our hands and stared up up up
feelin’ like the luckiest kids on the playground.

If Freud was right, and the goal of all living things is death,
then Utah’s heart didn’t fail last Friday, y’all.


Bird, Plane, Bruce Duncan