February 12, 2008

The previous blog post was my immediate reaction to the Zeitgeist movie as it interacted with 33 years of my own real experiences as well as what I know to be true about this life. Since my zealous post in support of Zeitgeist, several friends whom I trust to a large degree have made valid challenges to the movie’s claims, but have more importantly led me to seemingly balanced articles exploring the movie. There is a lot of information to digest. Now that I’ve been swept into an element of doubt, I MUST retract comparing Zeitgeist to Vipassana as I have no doubt where Vipassana is concerned. Though – in the spirit of intension, poetry and purpose – I continue to appreciate Zeitgeist’s math and relevance.

It’s impossible for me to dismiss this movie based on the multi-motivated dissection of everyone around it.

Thank you for all the responses, support, concern and sharing your feelings. While at my first Vipassana retreat, after deeply operating on and observing years of compounded personal issues with a close family member, I came to the realization toward them that, “I don’t need so badly for you to understand who I am anymore. I need for you to understand yourself.”
I suppose that applies here as well. The expansive/constrictive and limitless angles through which folks find their own validity and fact to mix with their personal purpose (or lack thereof) proves as much to me.

Whether Zeitgeist is completely true or false does not change the state of global unrest at a core level. Before we all spend too much time volleying what-ifs in circles, I suspect it would be best to actually act on EFFECTIVELY bettering at least one aspect of what you know to be hurting us (e.g. Diebold, wars in the name of God, The Corporation/buy responsibly).

With Care and Appreciation,
Fanatic, Fairness