October 8, 2013

The big Wordstock convention in Portland, Oregon was last weekend.
Steve and I drove down for fun to promote HENHOUSE.

Highlights include Steve, Derrick and I protesting Anis Mojgani’s reading
for no good reason other than maybe
once in a while
someone should challenge the gentleweight champion of the world.

No one was harmed
and the silent protest was successfully disregarded by nearly everyone.

To my surprise Derrick thought it would be helpful to leave note cards
on some of my books at the exhibition booth
encouraging folks to buy them.
I’m not entirely sure how long the note cards were there before I discovered them
but I do recall existing
in a heavy span of time
wherein folks stared at me stranger than normal.

On the way from the hotel to the exhibition hall
Steve was kind enough to document interesting observations on the train
from the perspective of a junior high school boy who laughs to much during quiet time.

Meanwhile, Derrick thought it necessary to try and make Beth Lisick laugh
during her panel discussion with a Pulitzer Prize winner.
So we took off our shirts, held hands and agreed that bringing an ever-so-subtle
two-man gay pride parade, where we were surprisingly convincing in acting interested
while strolling across the back of the room,
would be just what the doctor [of tight pants] ordered.
Beth, to our shagrin, held it together until after the panel discussion ended.

Any concerns I had about the other festival participants
looking down on us for our ill-advised behaviors
were quickly remedied by this couple who had yarn bombed themselves
and took to hugging anything that moved.

Our time in Portland last weekend was a great success
mostly because of the laughter
and this moment
where I got to enjoy the sweet gift of sitting in the same booth
with three of my closest friends
at the same time.
If you’re wondering what Derrick is telling the others
you need look no further than the words on his shirt.

Steve and I are heading to Montana to further promote HENHOUSE.
I’ll also be performing.
Once I’ve done my job well, North Dakota and Mississippi
will then be the only two states in which I’ve not performed.
As a random informative aside to our attendance at Festival of the Book in Missoula
I’ll be conducting a brief survey: