You Are A True Story


From Buddy Wakefield

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Vulnerability is what made every movie, sang every song, and wrote every poem that ever plugged a life back into itself.


Every Thursday is typically a lesser-known moment from Buddy’s work:

You look good in your tidal wave, toe-to-toe with the mean blue moon, head raised up like a lighthouse. You are…


Every Friday anything goes; an original prompt, verse, lyric, or current thought:

I choose to politely ask myself to step aside if I am in my own way. If I do not get out of my way, I choose to call a friend who will have me removed.


Every Saturday is Buddy’s favorite quotes by other writers.

I have had the wind knocked out of me, but never the hurricane. —Jeffrey McDaniel


Every Sunday is a reminder for the coming week:

It’s OK to not be good at being overwhelmed.


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