October 17, 2010


Let’s keep it personal:
Contact buddy at buddywakefield dot com for date options & details.

I’m amped as all get out for the upcoming release of Gentleman Practice.
It’ll be on Write Bloody Publishing and I’ll tour the pants off it January-May 2011.

One last national go ’round for all the marbles.
While this tour is aimed at college venues,
I’m also lookin’ forward to visiting old friends who were there in the beginning;
do some gallery, theater, high school and independently organized shows.

Am nonstop on tour with The Revival at the moment
so won’t be able to respond to “Come to the South!”-type shout outs,
but am no doubt happy to tour the whole U.S. January through May.
Already have a route mapped out so, organizers, write
and let’s see if it works for you. Holler with a venue in mind
and we’ll go from there regarding budget and details.

Safe to say I’m pretty excited about doin’ this one more time.


buddy at buddywakefield dot com
PS Chris A’lurede (cover artist of Live For A Living)
is also responsible for the artwork surrounding this release.
He’s gonna slug me square in the boys for posting some of the
in-process designs he submitted for Gentleman Practice,
but I sure like’em.